Bargain Multipacks are a new idea from Blackstone offering quite a saving over buying the cars individually. We have a small number in stock as a trial and will get more if they prove popular

Flat Car Weathered MultiPack

Flatcar1 Flatcar Weathered 3 Pack contains
6004 (B340306W)
6023 (B340307W)
6041 (B340309W)

The 6004, and 6023 are painted with the 'lightly sun-faded' paint scheme and light weathering. The 6041 is painted with the 'more sun-faded' paint scheme under light weathering.
Flatcar2 Sold out

High Side Gondola - Ex Works Paint MultiPack

High_Side_exworks High Side Gondola ex works multipack contains: -

1012 (B340408) Flying Grande
1039 (B340409) Flying Grande
1232 (B340413) Royal Gorge Route

  Sold out

Stock Car - MultiPack

Three stock cars in a multipack: -

   Sold out

Passenger Car - MultiPack 2

Pass2  So far the only Passenger Car Multipack offered for pre-order is the 3 pack of cars in the Silverton Yellow Scheme.

This is already detailed on the passenger car page
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