Here at EDM Models we have steadily been discovering new products which help us with better modelling. When we come across one we think we should share we usually try to add them to the ranges we stock.

We have become quite good at the obtaining them part of the job but they tend then to get added to the website all over the place. This page is an attempt to tidy that all up

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Temporarily you may find some of the items you might have expected to be here elsewhere on the site. A tidy up is ongoing that should move them all here but it will take time. If there is something you can't find send us an e-mail or phone us
















Gator Grip - Original  -  Acrylic Hobby Glue  

Gator's Grip Hobby Glue is non-toxic, non-yellowing, transparent acrylic polymer adhesive.  It instantly grabs hold of the photo etch and gives a strong, flexible bond when dry. Once cured, Gator's Grip Hobby Glue holds up well to both acrylic and enamel paints. Gator's Grip Hobby Glue is non-toxic, non-yellowing, transparent acrylic polymer adhesive.  It instantly grabs hold of the photo etch and gives a strong, flexible bond when dry.

This is an ideal if not essential aid to assembling multimedia kits.


If it has been a while since you used your glue, please take time to stir it up.  The ingredients will try to separate over time and stirring it before use will take care of that problem.

Clean out and flush the applicator with warm water after each modelling session

Gator Grip - Thin Blend  -  Acrylic Hobby Glue  
Introducing a new glue, Gator's Grip Thin Blend. 

Thin Blend was a happy accident.  When ordering ingredients to make a batch of original blend, the wrong ingredient was ordered but a batch was mixed anyway.  

It came out thinner and is easier to use with photo etched components

Dr Mike's & Dr Mike2s

Hi tech. low odour, cyanoacrylate adhesives

This is an amazing but different cyanoacrylate adehesive which bonds all the usual stuff and a lot that ordinary cyano's don't touch such as Delrin.

It sticks

ABS Acrylic Aluminium Brass Bronze Cast Iron Copper Crystal Delrin Glass
Graphite Leather Luan Nylon Pewter Porcelain Rubber Styrene Steel Wood & Resin

Extraordinary Properties

Does Not Clog Does not Evaporate Does not dry out 8 months shelf life once opened

Check the Guarantee, Reviews and Application Notes by clicking this text


All out of stock at the moment

Fast Tack PVA Glue

I was introduced to this glue by a fellow modeller and have used it ever since. Its a white PVA glue but with the added bonuse of a fast `grab' time. With this glue you can assemble a joint and it be strong enough to hold in only about 5 minutes so you can go on to the next.

It takes a three or four hours to go off completely but you can whizz through a model building assembly with this stuff. Use it with the magnetic clamps and you have a winning combination.

Velo-Set   Fast PVA glue


0-14 Scale Coal

Yes, its the real thing graded to a scale size but it is the real thing with some pedigree. This stuff has already passed through a steam loco.

During coal firing trials of Lyd the blast was pulling the fire too hard and these bits of coal made it through the boiler to be blasted through the spark arrestor elements which graded then to size.

One pack contains more than enough coal to coal up all the models the average modeller is likely to build in a lifetime. 

(a Talyllyn driver friend has threatened to provide genuine 0-16.5 Scale coal from one of their engines.)

One bag of scale coal

  Weathered Wood Stain  

This wood stain will give the wooden parts in your kits an aged grey look

Many of the kits we import will recommend using Builders In Scale "Silverwood" stain. We can't import it because its largely a solvent and can't be airfreighted. This is the same stuff, as we couldn't import the actual "Silverwood" BiS told us the recipe and we brewed the UK version

Even on a kit that is to be fully painted an application of this will stop bright naked wood showing through any paint chips.

Please Note -

  • EDM Models Weathered Woodstain is spirit based containing Isopropyl Alcohol and is recommended for use with laser cut buildings. It is recommended that you coat both sides of sheet material even if one side isnt to be seen. This will prevent any tendency to warp

  • Use of water based stains is not recommended on laser cut building kits as it can cause the wood to warp

  • We cannot Ship this product outside of the UK

Weathered Wood Stain

Dullcote Flat finish Spray   

This spray flat lacquer is the best there is! I use it on all the engines I paint and weather. All lacquers will dull down chalk weathering but this does it least. Part way through several weathering jobs for customers I ran out and found I couldn't get any in the UK so I imported a supply.

 Its not cheap but it is the best there is.


We no longer sell individual cans, only packs of three

Sorry but I can only ship this within the UK


Three Can Pack


Testors Dullcote




Of Stock


This is the new re-formulated version designed to meet EU laws on CFC's. The label claims it contains no CFC's but it smells as noxious as it always did and seems to work just the same as before
  145' Solder  
I use this as my main solder when assembling etched kits and only get into complications with different temperature solders and pastes when the going gets tough

1 Pack 145'Solder £3.50


Pack contains 6.8g [ish], its actually a measured length and is either a yard or a metre. Its awhile since I packed loads of it and I can't remember which side of the ruler I used  

  Solder Paint  
I was put on to this bulk supply of solder paint by Alan Gibson. One pot will last a lifetime. Just be sure to stir it well before each use as the solder granules tend to seperate out if it stands for a long time between uses.

To use it just make sure both surfaces are clean and the paint some paste on and put them together and apply heat. It works well with resistance soldering units. I also use it in the oven having assembled a chassis suitably clipped and wired together I use the oven to heat it all up evenly and then to cool down evenly

One 250g pot of solder paint £24 


Pack contains 250g which works out at under 10p a gram whilst others on the market are around 33p per gram


  Spring Clips  
I nicked my mums clips but then she was a hairdresser by trade. What I quickly learnt is that there are cheap and nasty versions of these available on the high street of these which are decent quality clips with springs strong enough to actually hold things. They hold firm but are malleable enough to bend to fancy shapes to hold all those awkward little jobs One pack of 12 spring clips £4.50


  Self Healing Cutting Mat - A4  

An invaluable tool for model making is a decent cutting surface to work on. This one is A4 size.

3 layer PVC mat in sandwich structure ensures no cracking or warping. Non slip surface of base holds paper firmly and prevents blade run and cutting error. Preserves the life of blades, encourages accurate cutting

Self Healing Cutting Mat - A4

  Self Healing Cutting Mat - A3  

An invaluable tool for model making is a decent cutting surface to work on. This one is A3 size.

3 layer PVC mat in sandwich structure ensures no cracking or warping. Non slip surface of base holds paper firmly and prevents blade run and cutting error. Preserves the life of blades, encourages accurate cutting

Self Healing Cutting Mat - A3

NWSL Chopper I  
One of the most useful tools ever for model builders working in wood or styrene strip materials. An economical rigid, precision tool for cutting model building stripwood and plastic material to length quickly, cleanly.

Provides clean, neat, feather free & accurate cuts easily and inexpensively using easily obtainable and economical single edge razor blades. Unlike some other cutting tools, The CHOPPER's rigid handle design is not only safer than a movable cutting design, it ensures consistently square straight cuts & accurately angled mitre cuts every time. Mitre cuts are a snap with the 30, 45, and 60 degree guides included
Chopper Tool

  NWSL Chopper II  
  No sloppy, “fits all”, cuts any angle (whether it maintains the angle you want or not) complexity. Use the precision mitre guides to assure accurate angle and repeatability. Retains the high precision, extremely sharp, inexpensive single edge razor blade as the cutting tool to assure economy, clean cuts from a blade you can find when you need it—at most drug, hardware or paint stores—and can afford to replace as often as necessary for clean, sharp cuts every time. Increase your precision and model making efficiency  
  • Fits your workspace—only 7"x 7"

  • Replaceable cutting mat for cleaner cuts

  • Cuts all model building woods, plastics

  • Precision guides for common angles 30, 45, 60 degrees.

  • Cutting depth of 1/4" maximum

  • Diecast aluminum frame, light (under 2 lb.) and strong

  • Right-hand or Left-hand opera

Safer, with more accurate repeatability. Rigid handle mount system assures greater accuracy, repeatability of cuts and more safety—no loose handle that can slip or flip into unsafe position exposing cutting blade.
Chopper II

Sold Out
expected July/Aug 2017

Replacement Cutting Mat

For blades see below

  NWSL Chopper III  

Same as THE CHOPPER I above except longer work surface with two additional work stations ready for installation of optional #4914-4 handle assembly. 18" wide base.

Used in production work by many professional model builders and kit manufacturers, with dedicated multiple setup for various parts

Work area: 5.25" x 18" Base: 7.5" x 18" Weight: 1 lb-3.2 oz.

Chopper III

For Blades see below

  NWSL True Sander  
True-up cutoff ends to perfect fit—A tool in the tradition of THE CHOPPER that provides accurate, quick finish sanding of end cuts on wood or plastic parts for fine fit. The adjustable angle guide allows you to accurately repeat any angle for proper fit on mitred corners as well as square cuts. Also included are pre-set 30, 45, and 60 degree mitre guides.

Unlike some motor driven sanding tools The True Sander gives you that delicate touch needed for working with small parts.

Work area: 5” x 6” Sand block face heights: 1” &1.5” Base: 7.5” x 8.5” Weight: 1 lb-0.8 oz.

True Sander
Sold Out

NWSL Duplicutter II  
This tool was designed by and for model builders who work in styrene plastic to make their model building more efficient, accurate and fun. Several needed functions are performed such as (A) squaring a piece of sheet so that subsequent pieces are easy to handle; (B) Securely holding sheet material providing an easy method to scribe and snap off pieces as desired; (C) But probably the most important function is the ease of making parts exactly the same size—make duplicate car sides, building sides or sections, anything where you need more than one of the same size, shape part.

Makes the job go faster as well as providing a more accurate duplicate part—particularly important when the project requires a quantity of duplicate parts.

Accepts sheets up to 8-3/16” wide. Single edge razor blade is the scoring tool (included) (or use your X-acto knife or similar plastic scoring tool).

Work area: 8-3/16” x 5” Base: 7-1/2” x 9-3/4

Sold Out

For Bladed see Below



Single Sided Blades to to suit all the above NWSL cutting tools



Pack of 10

  Scalpel Set  

Swan Morton Scalpel Set

Set includes a No3 handle and a pack of 10A blades

Scalpel Set

  Scalpel Blades  

Swan Morton blades.


Blades1 Button here

  Scalpel Blades2  

Swan Morton blades.


Blades2 Button here

Magnetic Right Angle Clamps
Magnetic Clamps
Click for bigger picture

I saw these being used at a modeller meeting and they immediately struck me as the third hand I have been looking for when it comes to putting buildings together. On top of that they make sure it goes together square and stays square whilst the glue sets.

Magnetic Clamps (pack of 2)
Magnetic Clamps (pack of 4)
Clamps1   Clamps2  The pictures below show the clamps in use. I built that building [Mount Blue Model Co - Bigelow Depot] at a show as a demo and at one stage the main carcas was fully assembled without glue just held with two sets of these magnetic clamps

Nano Oils & Grease

NanoLube by St Claire is the best you can buy. Sounds like magic or snake oil but I now swear by this stuff and its all I use in the workshop now. There is a full explanation of its uses and properties in my blog here  BLOG

Single Oilers

NanoOil - 5 weight (thin)
NanoOil - 10 weight (thicker)
NanoOil - 85 weight (Treacle)


NanoGrease -


NanoLube Mulipack

Never Stall

The only other lubrication I use is Never Stall. Its an electrically conducting lubricant that also cleans contact surfcase and prevents oxidation.

Never Stall


You do need to be very sparing with it. I apply it to wheels and pickups and then run them for awhile before cleaning most of the Never Stall off