Over time EDM Models have worked on all sorts of projects and sometimes even remembered to take Picture of some of them.

Needing somewhere to put these pictures has resulted in the creations of this gallery menu and the pages is links to.

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Those of you who know me will know that I have been an active member of the 7mm Narrow Gauge Association since before I accidentally got into running my model railway business. For awhile I was the membership secretary and have been involved with organising the annual convention when it was in Loughborough and now in Burton upon Trent.

These days I'm not involved in the committee but I am a strong supporter of the "members day*" concept which is more informal than an exhibition with an emphasis on getting people to have a go.

If the turnout is anything to go by then its proving to be a worthwhile concept. I am actively involved in two of these, one in Bradford each October and another in Derby in January. In addition the are group up here in Yorkshire has organised some interesting outings for members*.

Details of the next Members days can be found on the shows page of this website and are announced in our newsletter.

When I remember I have taken pictures at these events so this area provides a place to display them.

Bradford Members Day 2004

2006 Outing

2007 Outing



* Member


Definition #1

Officially a member is someone who has paid their subscription to be a member of the group.


Definition #2

As applied to the concept of members days and the Yorkshire group outings it is someone with similar interests who comes along to see what we're up to.

We may encourage them to make the necessary arrangements to fit definition #1 but the remit is to encourage people to model, develop their skills and enjoy themselves.