Newby Hall  - 18th March 2007

  On the 18th March 2007 the Yorkshire Group of the 7mm NGA had an outing to play trains.

The outing was firstly to Newby Hall to play with the miniature railway. Annie and I attended this bit but passed on the second part of the day to the Ripon Light Railway and the Chippy in Knaresborough.

These pictures don't really show it but the weather was b@@dy cold and it had several goes at snowing and sleeting on us.

The hall wasn't open to the public but luckily they were expecting us as this screen in the reception Hall shows.


In the following pictures, if it has a blue border click on it for the bigger view. For some of the drivers photo's a click on the button nearby will open the full size original so it can be saved for your files.



I'm not going to do a lot of commentary, you'll get most of it from the pictures. Suffice it to say its was very cold with regular showers of sleet, snow and rain.

We were met at the reception hall and taken down to the railway for a trip driven by our host. The railway is a dog bone with a loop at each end so you leave the station heading in one direction, go round the loop through a tunnel and back through the station and out through the formal gardens to another loop which turns you back to the station.


There are normally three engines resident. The two diesels were there for our visit with Countess de Grey in GNER livery working our train. On shed was the Western class diesel.



The other engine normally at the railway is a steam engine, Royal Scot. This is away at the moment for an overhaul and will be back next year. A visiting steam engine is promised for the summer.


After one route learning trip anyone who wanted a go could have a drive around the circuit.

I went a wandering with my camera.


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