Cooking a Goose


Each year at the AGM of the 7mm Narrow Gauge Association modelling competitions are held. One of the competitions is for the best model to a theme announced some months in advance of the AGM.

This years competition theme was "Cook a Goose" for the best model inspired by the Galloping Geese built by the Rio Grande Southern. The Eternity Diamond Mines RR already has a G scale model of Goose No 2 but that's a bit big for a 7mm competition.

The Henmore Dale RR was obviously in need of its own railtruck and perused the catalogue of Backwoods Engineering and ordered an 0n30 scale Railtruck to modify to their own ends.

Here follows a few pictures of the finished truck. A review is currently being written for publication in Narrow Lines the bi-monthly publication of the 7mm Narrow Gauge Association. Once its been published I'll add it to this site.

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