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Proto-Freelance 20′ Gondola/Ore Car Kit


Yet another new addition to our growing line of high quality, prototypically correct, all styrene car kits, and originally designed for use on our own On3 mining layout: this free-lanced gondola is typical of many such cars used on short line narrow gauge railroads in the first half of the twentieth century. While there is no prototype for this particular car, it was designed and built following standard construction practices of the day. Typically, these low sided gondolas, built on flat cars, would have been used to haul ore, rock, sand, or ballast. These cars could be easily loaded using any ore chute type loader, but would have to be hand shoveled out. These cars had a low cubic capacity due to the heavy weight of the material they carried, the light construction of the cars, and the relatively low capacity of the trucks.


This kit will make either a full length gondola or a half-gondola/half-flat car with the gondola bin either centered or at one end of the car. This styrene kit is identical to the finished, polyurethane version of the kit — down to the tapered side stakes of the original — and even has scale nail heads on the 2″x4″s “nailed” to the end boards! This new version of kit FMW-2325 replaces polyurethane kits FMW-2325 and FMW-2333 (as well as the discontinued FMW-2304), which are now out of production and no longer available.

We believe that this highly detailed, easy to assemble kit will make as excellent an addition to any layout as it is on ours!

This high quality, styrene kit features the following:

  • Complete set of FMW’s all new 7′x20′ styrene frame castings!
  • Available in On3 (FMW-2213) or On30 (FMW-2325).
  • Stirrup steps (308) by San Juan Car Co.
  • Clevises (B-51), stake pockets (S-35), and trucks (currently T-16) by MacLeod Western.
  • Set of FMW-4006-On30b 24″ Wheel Sets.
  • Set of FMW-4000 Wooden Brake Beams in styrene.
  • Set of FMW-4004 Truck Brake Levers.
  • FMW-4001 15″ ACME Brake Wheel w/ratchet & pawl.
  • Kadee® No. 26 couplers included!
  • Easy to follow, illustrated instructions by FMW.

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We can get 6 car bulk packs of these to order