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Proto-Freelance 20' Equipment Flat Car Kit

Designed to accommodate our 20' frame, this free-lanced, equipment flat car is typical of many such cars used on short line narrow gauge railroads in the first half of the twentieth century. While there is no prototype for this particular car (though the board arrangement follows WSLCo. practice), it was designed and built following standard building practices of the day. This car is also made to look like it had been made from a modified, 20' flat car. During that modification, extra boards were added to the deck to aid in the loading of wheeled and tracked vehicles.

We believe that this highly detailed, easy to assemble kit will make as excellent an addition to any layout as it is on ours!

This high quality, styrene kit features the following:

  • Complete set of FMWs all new 7'x20' styrene frame castings!
  • Available in On3 (FMW-2218) or On30 (FMW-2329).
  • Trucks by MacLeod Western w/NWSL Wheels (while supplies last).
  • Set of FMW-4000 Wooden Brake Beams in styrene.
  • FMW-4001 15″ ACME Brake Wheel w/ratchet & pawl.
  • Set of FMW-4004 Truck Brake Levers.
  • Kadee No. 26 couplers included!
  • Easy to follow, illustrated instructions by FMW.
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0n3 FMW-2218 Single Car Kit

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0n30 FMW-2329 Single Car Kit Sold Out  


Proto-Freelance, 20' Equipment Flat Car Kit:

This kit includes all castings required to complete one car (paint, decals, and load not included).

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