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On3, Proto-Freelance 26' Connected Truck, Log Car Kit

The first of our styrene car kits, this car is intended to be a proto-typically correct, shortened version of the WSLCo. 38' “Skeleton” log cars. We’ve shortened these cars from 38' to 26' to enable these cars to better match the smaller equipment and better fit the tighter curves of the average home layout. As shown, they will go around a 30" radius curve, tighter with a few simple modifications (such as the flange wells carved into the sills of the WSLCo. cars).

While there is no known prototype for this car, the details are all proto-typically correct, following standard building practices as shown in Seattle Car & Foundry Co.’s catalogues. Additional parts not on WSLCo.’s cars, such as the large, outside, truck side bearings were taken out of a Lovsted parts catalogue. Remaining details were created through the study of the remaining WSLCo. cars. Since this car is meant to represent a possible Seattle Car & Foundry Co. car, we should also note that these cars are not technically “skeleton” cars, as the sills do not carry any of the weight of the load; which is carried entirely by the bunks and bolsters. According to SC&FCo. patents, these kinds of cars are “connected truck” cars.

This kit was designed using San Juan Car Co.’s WSLCo. bunks and brake hardware; MacLeod Westerns trucks and NBW castings; and features all new die work by FMW for the sills, draft gear, and some detail parts. FMW’s styrene castings for this kit are made from a high-quality styrene and have been produced without the draft angle on their outside edges that make so many model railroad kits difficult to assemble and finish. The two-piece centre section of the sills is hollow to allow for a ½oz. weight (about 1½oz. total with NWSL wheels), “pre-drilled” for the side NBW castings, and has most of the scale NBW castings cast in place for quick and easy assembly. The draft timbers (also with the NBW cast in place) have an integrated, screw mounted Kadee® coupler box that allows coupler changing and maintenance after assembly and painting. Important mounting and locating points are cast into the parts and the joint between the draft timbers and the main centre section is completely hidden by the bunks. In short, we think this kit will make an excellent addition to any On3 logging layout.

This high quality, injected moulded, styrene kit features the following:

FMW Injected Moulded Styrene Parts:

  • Two piece, hollow, weighted centre section.
  • Draft Timbers w/NBW cast in place and integrated, screw mounted Kadee® coupler box.
  • Various Detail Parts: Brake levers, carrier irons, truck side bearings, pipe hangers, and cut lever brackets & centre.
  • Set of FMW-4000 Wooden Brake Beams in styrene.
  • FMW-4001 15" ACME Brake Wheel w/ratchet & pawl.
  • Set of FMW-4004 Truck Brake Levers.

San Juan Car Co. Parts Used:

  • Bunks, Cleats, Hoops & Hooks.
  • Draft Gear Cover Plates.
  • “End Beams.”
  • Air Hoses.
  • Brake Cylinder, Reservoir, Plumbing, Retainer, Chain Roller.
  • Clevises.

Miscellaneous Parts:

  • MacLeod Western NBW castings (black in the photos, all the rest are cast in place!).
  • Trucks by MacLeod Western w/NWSL Wheels (while supplies last).
  • Kadee® No. 26 couplers included!
  • Brass Chain and Wire.
  • Easy to follow, illustrated instructions by FMW.


Scale Stock No Description Order Note
0n3 FMW-2215 Single Car Kit

2 available
0n3 FMW-2215/6 6 pack Sold Out Special Order Only

Note to On30 fans: no, a 30" gauge version of this car is not possible; at 27", the width of the sills would not allow 30" gauge wheels to turn (let alone allow the trucks to pivot) without a radical redesign of the car.

Proto-Freelance, 26' Connected Truck, Log Car Kits:

These kits include all the castings required to complete one or six cars as indicated (paint and decals not included).

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