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This page contains our range of detailing parts.


Mogul Switching Pilot   Available Now

This kit makes up in to a replacement pilot for the front of your Bachmann mogul to change the appearance and provide a working front coupling

Kit contains a brass etch that folds up to make the main frame, NBW detail and a Kadee No36 coupler.

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Mogul Pilot including Kadee Coupler


Sold Out

Broadway Limited C16 Stepboard Pilot   Available Now

This kit makes up into a stepboard pilot with side steps to replace the cow catcher pilot on the C16. The kit includes the etched brass fret for the pilot, PSC cast side steps, a laser cut step and plastic NBW detail. A kadee coupling is included  in the kit to give your engine a working front coupling.

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C16 Pilot including Kadee Coupler


Sold Out

Baby Hunslet Chassis   Available Now

Built an Agenoria Baby Hunslet kit? Good isn't it? However, have you wanted a proper outside frame chassis with more detail? Well here it is.

These three etches fold up into a simple strong outside frame chassis with detail overlays to provide all the bolt and rivet detail. The etch can be built as a sprung or equalised chassis using additional components.

Real Baby Hunslets were built with one of three frame profiles, ornate cropping, straight cropping or straight depending on their age and where they were intended to work. All three profiles are available.

Note 1: You still need to buy an Agenoria Hunslet as the kit provides the cylinders and other chassis details.

Note 2: The Agenoria loco's are excellent and for most people adequate as they come. These parts are sold to enhance an excellent model.

For more of the chassis project details 

Note: Stocks of the original etches are all gone and they were done with a company that now does not support small re-runs.

InswInstead the design will be reworked and up dated to use our own supply of components and sold as a complete "extras" kti and be included in the complete loco kits.

Ornate Profile 19.50

Now Discontinued

Cropped Profile 19.50

Now Discontinued

Straight Profile 19.50

Now Discontinued

108:1 Gearbox

This gearbox has been designed especially for use with the Baby Hunslet chassis as it places the drive within the firebox, puts the motor in the saddle tank offering a slower smoother more powerful drive than the standard 38:1.

Use is not limited to the Hunslet I have used the prototypes in a number of small loco's.

Note: The standard 1220 motor and 38:1 gears in the Agenoria Hunslet are excellent but this gearbox offers the user the chance to fit a larger slower revving motor, higher ratio gears and flywheels but installing it will require the user to modify the saddle tank

108:1 Gearbox 18.50


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Medium Size Bogie Tender kit & Large Size Bogie Tender kits

These two tenders are the latest offerings in our quest to modify Bachmann Moguls. A key feature of them is that they are shorter than the standard Bachmann tender so they fit on our club layout turntable :-)

The two new tender kits are a mix of etched and resin construction and come complete with brass castings, trucks and wheels. They need couplings and paint to complete them.

They are available for either 0n3 or On30.                                                 Click here to read the instructions


Sorry but these kits are no longer available

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