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The first run of this loco kit has now sold out and it has been discontinued for the time being. The plan is to make some modifications before re-introducing it.

As demand has been slow recently we will be leaving it awhile before it is re-introduced or before we make any announcement about the revisions.

The power bogie is stll available and is complete with sprung suspension, the correct pattern wheels plus the motor and gearbox which can be built for 16.5mm or 14mm gauges.

An etched fret of name and works plates are also included.

Everything bar some paint, glue, solder and time to build it is included.

Taliesin Complete Kit Body Kit, Power Bogie & Nameplates This kit is now sold out and discontinued
Fairlie Power Bogie Includes Wheels, Gears & Motor
Taliesin Name & Worksplates Etched Fret of Name & Worksplates

Available Seperately

Fairlie Power Bogie

Taliesin name, works and rebuild plates

BogieThe power bogie is as supplied in the Taliesin kit and as will be supplied in our forthcoming Merddin Emrys kit. It is also designed to replace the bogies in the Wrightlines Double Fairlie Kit

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