Townsend Hook - Body Kit


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Townsend Hook is our first 3D printed loco body kit designed to use a commercially available chassis.


This kit is aimed at the modeller who finds the prospet of building a chassis a bit daunting whilst at the same time allowing a fine model to be built


The kit requires a Dapol B4 loco togive up its chassis

Advanced Orders being accepted now  - here


Kit Contents


3D Printed Parts Brass Detail Parts Other Bits and Bobs
Main Body
Smokebox Door
Many parts including
Cab Valves
Clack Valves
Tank Fillers
Brake Screw
Clear `Wire' for gauge glasses
Brass wires
Copper wires

In addition there will be full instructions and access to a photo archive




The kit will be launched at the 7mm Narrow Gauge Association Convention in Burton upon Trent on the 9th June

Initial stocks will only be for sale at this event and on the day their may be some chassis included deals available.  Production hasn't gone totally smoothly - see the saga note below  - such that as I type this I don't know how many, if any, i will have on the day




I wasnt going to take orders until after the launch event but given the large amount of interest I have decided to relent as it will give me an idea of the demand.

There are some T&C's different or additional to our standard ones you should note

  • Your card will be charged at the time of ordering
  • Ordered models will only be supplied after the launch event. Dependant on demand there may be some delay as the 3D printer will only go so fast

Bit of a Saga


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You may have detected that there have been issues with the production of this model. Right now its got me tearing my hair out a bit and its been a bit of a saga.

Having made some progress, finally, got the printer working on some other parts and caught up with some sleep following some sleepless nights I can look at it a bit more objectively.

On reflection its about what you would expect of introducing new technology and having to learn what it can and can't do but with the added jeopardy of having a deadline.

I've written the saga in my blog at the point there is a week and a half and will update it as the deadline approaches,. My blog can be found here