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FR Double Fairlie - Merddin Emrys

7mm/ft   1:43.5 scale


EDM1006             MERDDIN EMRYS - complete kit  

If you are interested in a kit from a future run of this kit please e-mail us.

This etched kit builds into a model of Merddin Emrys as it was running early in 2013.  The kit bodywork is all etched nickel silver with lost wax brass castings for details. A brass etch containing things such at the nameplates, the patent plates and the works plates along with the window frames is included.  Fourteen of the etched parts are pre-formed so the trickiest of the bending has been done for you.

The kit includes all you need to build the model. Our own correct pattern Double Fairlie wheels are included as the two motors and the gears. You will need to add couplings of your own choosing.

Getting the cab square is fundamental to getting the rest of the loco right so an assembly jig to help with this is provided. The cab splits at the point where the sides curve inwards so the can interior can be painted and detailed. All the detail is there apart from the usual heap of crew waterproofs, jackets, kit bags, cotton rags, cups and water bottles.. Once detailed the cab roof is fixed in place permanently.

The two power bogies can be built for 14mm or 16.5mm gauge and feature the correct pattern wheels in sprung axle boxes, custom made gearboxes and Mashima 1224 motors. The power bogies are available as a separate item should you wish to power a Wrightlines Cast White-metal Fairlie

Instructions are provided on a CD which includes photo's of the models construction, diagrams and prototype photos.

As its a model of a currently in service locomotive the loco continues to evolve and some things have changed already. The model pictures show the greedy board on the coal bunkers but since the FR has changed to using Welsh Steam Coal instead of imported Russian coal the loco needs to carry less so they are not needed. Their removal stops the bunkers being over filled and just filling up with dust as the coal breaks up more. The pattern of cylinder drain cocks has also changed


You can download a PDF of the instructions on the buttons below. The CD in the kit contains a lot more photos of both the kit build and of the prototype than can be included in a simple document. As it is these are large file which may take some time to download

Superstructure Instructions Power Bogie Instructions
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