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  FR & Penrhyn Railway - Linda, Blanche, Charles
7mm/ft   1:43.5 scale

EDM1005              Linda, Blanche or Charles - complete kit
  • Makes any one of the three loco's
  • Makes Penrhyn & FR versions
  • Sprung Chassis
  • Working inside valve gear
  • Working rocking shafts
  • Fully detailed cab fittings
  • Custom Gearbox
  • All Nickel Silver Construction
  • 16.5 & 14mm gauges catered for
  • Includes wheels, motors & gears

This was the first kit from the CME & EDM partnership and was a favourite of the designers as EDM drive on the FR whilst CME fire. The kit was first released in May 2010 and in three years has sold out three batches with the fourth now available from stock.

The kit will build one loco of the three with parts supplied for key variants. The kit is tailored to produce Charles in Penrhyn form around 1933, Linda at the FR in about 1965 and Blanche in FR form in 2003. There have been many variations along the way and with reference to photographs you should be able to build any of them at any time in their life.

The kit includes all the wheels gears and motor. It features full working inside valve gear and a sprung suspension.

The first decision you will have to make is which loco and which time period you intend to model as there are some fundamental differences you have to choose at the outset. A brief chronology goes like this

  1. Hunslet Works Number 283  id delivered in 1882 and named Charles

  2. Hunslet's 589 and 590, Linda and Blanche ordered. The must have thought Charles a bit of a tight squeeze as the ladies were 6" longer at the rear.

  3. Linda was loaned the the FR in 1962 and was fitted with vacuum brakes and a coal truck for a tender

  4. Linda and Blanche were purchase by the FR and used for passenger services with vacuum brakes and tenders. Blanche's tender had a tender cab for added weather protection and her cab was altered to match the tender.

  5. In 1970 Linda was overhauled and her frames were extended forward by 15" and a pony truck was fitted and she was converted to oil firing

  6. in 1972 Blanche was overhauled, fitted with the piston valve cylinders she has now and had her frames extended and a pony truck fitted

So, on the model your first decision is "I am doing Charles" so cut along the dotted lines to remove 6" from the rear of the frames and the 15" from the front, "I am doing Linda/Blanche in the 60's so leave the back as it is and cut the 15" from the front or for the 70's onwards leave them alone



Additional Information - Pony Truck

It has come to our attention that a part for the assembly of the pony truck for Linda or Blanche in their FR guise is missing from the frets.

This only came to light 2 Ĺ years after the kit was released which either means your all building 0-4-0ís or are just slow builders. Itís not viable to produce just this part as an etch or to add it to the kit but given the metal working skills required to build the kit it should be easy to cut one out to a template from a scrap part of the etch.

This file is included in the kits produced since we discovered the ommision but you can download it on the link below

Pony Truck Download


Additional Information  - Firebox Bezel


The kit for Linda, Blanche & Charles was our first kit and was exclusively designed in 2D with hand crafted patterns for the castings. All three engines feature a very eye catching polished brass bezel on their firebox backheads but when originally designing that kit making the pattern was beyond us.

By the time we were doing Merddin we were using a bit of 3D CAD and by the time we were on to the Darj it was almost exclusively 3D CAD with 3D printing for the pattern making.

With this the bezel became easy, you draw a cross section of the part and then a path (the invered U shape) and the CAD draws the cross section around the path. Job Done. 3D print then brass casting.

The casting has been included in all the recent kits and is available to purchase here. A mod is required to the kit. Instructions are in the recent kits but you can download it on the button below

  Bezel Download  




These pictures are of my own model of Charles built during the kit development to prove the different aspects of the kit.Many of you will have seen Charles as its the model that we display on our stand at shows.

Initially, it appeared in polished metal finish but after awhile it started to tarnish and I sent it to the paint shop.

My good friend Chris Clark painted and lightly weathered it for me and it still appears on our stand at shows although its getting a bit travel worn now so a light intermediate overhaul is becoming due.

The pictures below are thumbnails. Click on them for the full size picture



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