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7mm/ft   1:43.5 scale

Darjeeling Railway
Sharp Stewart B Class
0-4-0 ST

14/07/2017 Back in Stock
  A complete kit including :-.
  • Etched in Nickel Silver, with a brass detailing fret

  • Wheels, gears, motor

  • Boiler supplied rolled

  • Can be built for 14mm or 16.5mm Gauge

  • All brass castings.

  • Chassis is sprung on all axles.

  • Full instructions, diagrams and photo’s provided on a CD.

Just add solder, glue, paint and about 150 hours

More details about the kit can be found here. You can even download the full instructions.

Up a Level This kit is back in stock again.

Production in batches is explained on the details page here
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