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Its a bit alarming to realise that I acquired these kits from Alan Gibson when he retired back in 2007. Having built some of the kits when they were first released I knew there were issues with the kits and rather than just re-release them as they were I undertook to rework them before reissuing them. Meanwhile many things have changed (the demise of three parents, redundancy etc).

Work is progressing albeit slowly and I will add details here slowly. The first things to be added are some resources regarding previous releases of the kits





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Kit History



As there are a number of the old kits around still to be built in peoples box collections I have been putting a resource together about the old kits. Its now about ten years since they were produced but they still keep cropping up.  Please beware that the magazine articles in particular are large documents so if you have a shaky internet connection you might not want to download them or you might leave it going as you go to bed

Still to come

  • Lew Instructions - I have now found a set and will scan them shortly.

  • EDM Models Notes - I built two of these kits back in the early 80's and I have been wracking my brains to remember salient points from their construction with the help of a collection of parts for kits I have here as an aide memoir.

Gibson Kit Instructions Gibson Kit Instructions BRM Article MRC Article EDM Models Notes
Yeo, Exe, Taw Lew      
The button below will download a PDF scan of the original kit instructions. The button below will download a PDF scan of the original kit instructions. This is a scan of an article that was produced in 1983 and recounts the building of one of the kits by renowned loco builder Stephen Barnfield In 1994 Model Railway Constructor ran a series of kit building articles based on the MW kit.  
Instructions Lew Instructions BRM Article MRC Article TO FOLLOW
Please remember that these were produced in the early 1980's when etch artwork was hand drawn, notes were done on a typewriter and exploded drawings were done by hand I will add a scan of these instructions as soon as I can find a set but meanwhile they are basically the same as Yeo, Exe and Taw apart from the cab back sheet This article give a good account of building the kit We consider this to be a how not to do it. I could easy select rant mode but that wouldn't help. All I will say is don't use a hammer and chisel to cut the parts out and get a decent soldering iron