EDM Models & a G class Garratt

  There is a very good chance that we will be doing the G class Garratt that exists on the Puffing Billy Railway in Australia.

It is still a long way off but do please read the note below for the initial situation and below that for any updates. More than anything we need to know if you want one so as to gauge demand?


Timeline & Updates

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  • Dec 2013

Seems there is enough interest so we have certainly gone beyond me just making one for myself. in the coming weeks I will get test etches done from the original artwork to inform what mods we'll do to produce our kit

  • May 2014

A friend has profile milled a set of fly cranks for the the test model. These are a force fit on the axles. The kit will have etched cranks and D ended axles to ensure the quartering

  • Aug 2014

CAD work for bespoke wheels done.  Looking at doing correct pattern wheels in cast brass with a steel tyre. Will be experimenting with rim insulation or a central plastic bush.

  • Nov 2014

Test etches from the 2004 artwork ordered for evaluation. First look at the artwork and comparing it to our aspirations for the model is suggesting I will end up redrawing most of it