Thank you for showing interest in our kit for the Darjeeling and Himalayan Railway B Class Locomotive.   Having appealed for help in promoting it I quickly realised that I was repeating myself to each person who offered to help. Instead I have put all the resources on this one page. Please feel free to download them as you wish.

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There are some further photos of finished models on our blog here

  About EDM Models

EDM Models is a mostly one man business run by me, Paul Martin. Its origins are in a hobby that took over as I have always been a modeller and started importing buts for myself, which turned into getting a few to sell as well. Then it expanded with kit building when I was pestered to sell a model I was building as a demo at a show and that turned into producing my own kits and parts

EDM Models was a part time business until around three and half years ago but had grown to the point where the day job was getting in the way. The day job decided to move out of the way and since then its been a mostly full time operation.

EDM Model now produce our own kits and in collaboration with others. The B Class is the third model from a collaboration between EDM Models and Peter Balderston.

Both Peter and I have a first hand knowledge of the real thing as I am a driver on the Ffestiniog Railway and Peter is a fireman on the Ffestiniog Railway and Welsh Highland Railway


Specification and Background to the kit

Our kit for the B class is the third kit from the CME/EDM team (The first two being the mainline Penrhyn/FR Hunslets and Double Fairlie Merddin Emrys) and it shows an evolution in experience and technology. The first kit was designed in 2D CAD with hand made patterns whilst the B class was done using 3D modelling and 3D printing of the patterns for the castings.

Like the earlier kits it is all etched in Nickel Silver, except for one fret of parts that should be brass, and all the castings are brass. We don't like white metal in our new kits. The chassis features our own design of axle box and springing to give a fully sprung chassis. D ended axles and D insert flycranks make for easy quartering of the wheel sets. The chassis can be built for 16.5mm or 14mm gauges.

The kit is supplied complete with wheels gears and motor. All you need to add is glue, solder, paint and ability.

  Batches Explained

The fact that the model is produced in batches has lead to some people calling it a limited edition model. It isn't, allow me to explain...

We produce these models twenty at time.  It just so happens the quantities of parts on each sheet of etch with one having four copies of one etch and another having five copies of that etch work out at twenty being a sensible number for ordering multiples of the sheets from our supplier. We then have to order the castings and all the other parts for these twenty kits. This amounts to a substantial outlay so we do twenty kits and when they are partly sold we make a start on the next twenty but some of the parts are on a two month lead time and we have many kits to the extent that we can't do them all at the same time.

The result is that when sales are brisk, as with a new model, one lot might sell out before the next is ready. That is what has happened with the B class, Batch 1,2 & 3 sold out resulting in batch 4 being produced. Batch 4 sold steadily and with five left we started work on the next batch. Then, as if to thwart all the forecasting those five sold in the space of around three weeks. 

As of mid September parts are ordered for Batch 5 but a delivery date is not yet something we can forecast as delivery of castings is a mystery to us.


Batch 5 will be: -

  • To EU member countries 295 plus shipping . That price is inclusive of VAT

  • To the rest of the world the price is ex VAT at 245 plus shipping

  • Shipping in the UK is 6. To the rest of the world it is at cost.



Please note these adverts were produced when the kit was first released and contain out of date price information

For EU VAT Countries 

For the Rest of the World

These two adverts are JPG format and clicking in the images opens the larger version which can be downloaded by right clicking on it
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Continental Modeller Photos

Please credit Continental Modeller if using these images

Pilot model Photos

Some of what is in the kit

3D CAD for the Brass Castings

3D CAD for the loco construction



The kit comes with comprehensive instructions. There are written instructions, the exploded diagrams shown below, construction and prototype pictures. There is so much that its more than could be included in a book so they are supplied on a CD packed in the kit

If you really would like to see the full set of instructions then please feel free to download them as a zip file by clicking this button  B Class Instructions