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Paintings by Jonathon Clay & used with permission. More details at


EDM Models is delighted to have reached agreement with Alan Gibson to re-introduce his kits for the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway 2-6-2 loco motives Yeo, Exe, Taw and Lew later this year. The kits are 7mm Scale and can be built for either 16.5 or 14mm gauge.


There are two kits for these locomotives: -


Kit #1   Yeo, Exe & Taw

This kit makes any one of the three original engines built for the railway by Manning Wardle in 1897.

Kit #2   Lew

This kit makes Lew which was the very similar loco ordered for the line by the Southern Railway after it took over the railway at grouping. Lew was delivered in 1925 and whilst basically the same as the original engines has many detail differences

  The re-introduction of these kits is running seriously late due to a varied number of external issue that have meant any development work is only just happening now in 2010 with a determined effort to get the kit out to those already with reservations by year end.

At this time we are not taking any further reservations or confirming definitely that the kit will be available on general sale in the future although it is our wish to see it generally available as part of our growing range of loco kits.

The reason for this guarded response is that we have the castings and other components in stock for the loco's going to those with reservations but will have to source new supplies for any further kits produced which is a bit of an unknown at present.

If and when they are available they will be advertised here.


Kit #1   Yeo, Exe & Taw Not taking Reservations at present
Kit #2   Lew                    Not taking Reservations at present


Manufacture of detailed design and manufacture of these kits is now underway. With over 100 ordered we have closed the reservations for the first batch. If there is enough interest there may be a second batch to follow but this won’t be progressed until some months after the first batch is delivered. Please use the e-mail link to let us know of your interest in a second run





  Questions and Information

If you have any questions please e-mail is and we'll do our best to answer them. Please remember though that we are very much still at the learning stage ourselves.

We would also like to hear from anyone with experience of building the original Link/Gibson limited edition kits or the later Gibson kits. Photo's of models would be especially welcome.


  Progress Report
14/11/07 After some major disruptions and distractions [the day job and the Bagnall kit] work has restarted on producing the L&B engines.

On the one hand it might be said that there has been no progress on the L&B engines because we've been re-engineering the Bagnall kit. On the other hand the Bagnall has resulted in wheel assembly tools, cast brass flycranks, sprung horn blocks and wire springs, custom gearboxes and motor mounts all for which were developed with the the L&B engines in mind too.

  When will it be ready?
  Sorry but I am not going to make any promises with the day job being as unpredictable as it is at the moment. I will be aiming to get it out as soon as possible but the over riding factor is getting it right.


  Version History
First Release The kit for Yeo, Exe & Taw was originally released as a limited edition as a collaboration between Roy Link and Alan Gibson. Only 50 kits were produced as it was thought this is all there would be demand for.

Second Release


Having had numerous enquiries the purchasers of the limited edition kits were contacted to seek permission for another run. With permission granted the kit was re-tooled with new etch artwork a added to the Gibson general catalogue.

Another version of the artwork was produced to make the later engine Lew.

These kits were last available around 1999

Third Release

Date TBA

Easter 2007. The artwork, patterns and rights to the kits pass to EDM Models with the intention of refreshing the kits and re-releasing them in late 2007

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