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This page will eventually feature couplings and their associated paraphernalia. It will grow over time [I hope]
Other couplings can be found in the Kadee page or click the picture of a Kadee below
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Link & Pin Couplers
Inspired by the those used by the West Side Lumber Company, these link and pin couplers are designed to fit on a car designed to use Kadee® No. 26 couplers. These couplers will take advantage of Kadee®’s standard box and spring to steady them in operation and to keep the head centered on the end of the car. The shanks have been thickened for a more scale look, but are easily modified for tight fits. They’re even cast in styrene so paint will stick!

(Note: If the draw head won’t centre in the Kadee® box, turn it over. The polygonal part of the shank that interacts with the Kadee® spring is not symmetrical and will not centre properly if it is upside down relative to the spring.) Link & Pin Couplers:

This parts set includes 2 link & pin couplers (draw heads), 4 links, and 4 pins.


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