We have stocked the Soundtraxx Sound decoders for many years now and have watched the technology improve as smaller and more capable electronics come along.

The current state of the art is the Tsunami2 Decoder in 1, 2 and 4 amp versions. Slightly lower spec'd for a keener price are the Econami decoders in the same current ratings.  Added to that there is the SoundCar for the sound of the rest of the train and the current keeper to keep it all going over iffy track plust a full range of accessories.




  There is lots of documentation on all of the decoders on the Soundtraxx website. Manuals are and specs are constantly eveolving so we provide a link to the Soundtraxx website where you can find it al. There are also sound samples you can try before you buy. The Soundtraxx site is at: -

Soundtraxx Website