7mm Narrow Gauge Association

Yorkshire Area Group - Summer Outing


This summers outing took place on the evening of 15th June and was an open house at the Abbey Light Railway in the grounds of Kirkstall Abbey in Leeds. The railway was opened for us and all the toys got out of the box and started up for us to play with.


Budding drivers could have a go at driving anything around the works yard and up the "main line". Having "previous" I was thrown in the deep end with the first trip up the line.

    To fully demonstrate how hopeless I am with names I wont attempt to name everyone in captions myself but if participants want to write with amended captions including the names I'll add them later.

6.     'Druid'     Simplex     20 HP     8644     1941

New to MoD; Creekmoor light railway group, Poole, Dorset; Alne Tile works

Druid was set up for the first tip up the main line for the trip I drove. On arrival back at base. Druid came of and Odin took the next trip.


3.     'Odin'     Simplex     20 HP     5859     1934

Built by Motor Rail Ltd. Simplex works, Bedford. To petrol Locomotive hirers; Ham River Grit Co. Ltd; Joseph Arnold & sons,

Odin did the next trip, ran round at the far end and then brought the train back.

  On its return Odin stayed on the train and Vulcan went on the other end and they top and tailed for a couple of trips
  4.    'Vulcan'     Ruston     44/48 HP     198287     1942

New to Harpur Hill, Buxton; Royal Air Force, Burtonwood; Yorkshire Water Chellow heights and Thornton Moor, Bradford.


8.     'Go-go'     20 HP     39924     1924

New to Lanarkshire county council, Cairngryffe Quarry near Biggar.

Sorry there are a lot of pictures of this one. a) its a contraption and b) a mate in Denver has the US equivalent called a "Go Devil"