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We want you to be happy with your purchase and to come back to us time and again. Until now [March 05] we havenít found it necessary to state any sort of policy as common sense has prevailed and reasonable people have contacted us if there is any sort of problem and we have gone out of our way to ensure they go away happy.

Then of course someone tries it on, acts unreasonably or is downright stupid and the result is a stated policy, lists of does & doníts and the sort of draconian statements that I had hoped common sense would avoid.

  Terms and Conditions
  For most purchases from us the details below cover how to deal with any issues that may arise.

For items purchased under our pre-ordering system for future projects a different set of T&C's exist and apply to all such orders. Click on this button for more info 

 Reservation T&C's


The first course of action is to contact us. An e-mail to or a phone call to 44 1904 331973 6pm Ė 8pm UK time sets the ball rolling and weíll do what we can to resolve the issues.

With models becoming ever more complex they occasionally get their knickers in a twist and need a careful talking to. Itís highly unlikely that the problem you are encountering is the first time its happened and a simple phone call can get things put straight.


All the items we sell are covered by some sort of warranty unless we specifically say otherwise.

The actual warranty on any item will depend on what it is and where it came from. We will advise you when you contact us. Some warranties require you to contact the manufacturer directly and for others we act for the manufacturer and itís not always clear from the documentation enclosed with the model. For example the documentation with Broadway Limited Models, PSC  models and several others we sell include warranty details for the US that are not appropriate in the UK and for these models we act on their behalf. You would be advised of this when you called us.

On other occasions we can get you a quicker resolution by putting you directly in touch with the right person at the suppliers. This is often the case with Lenz items as the UK wholesaler operates a support system second to none.


Donít send anything back unless instructed to do so by us.

We offer a money back guarantee on items that are truly defective but only after the above procedure of contacting us has been followed.

Normal practice if we canít fix an item is to replace it. Only if we canít fix or replace an item will we consider a refund.

Items returned with issues that could be resolved over the phone and without contacting us first will be returned to you at your cost. If it is not possible to recoup the return cost the items will be retained by EDM models for one month, the sender notified of the cost of returning the item to them and then if no response is received they will be disposed of with no refund given.

Items must be returned in the condition received. If the problem of damage to your delivery the complete shipment must be retained in the condition it was received and all of it returned to us, if so requested.

Any item returned demanding a refund without following the above procedure will be charged restocking fee of 25% i.e. you only get back 75% of what you paid.


I am sorry it has been necessary to include the above but as usual a minority make life difficult for the majority.

Hopefully itís not that onerous. Simply contact us and weíll sort it out!


If all else fails we'll refer you to our head of customers services, Nutter the Cat, who is demonstrating his ability here to scan his bum - we're not sure if he was just practicing for the office Christmas party

[note: for those with no sense of humour, that's a joke]