Payment Form

  Payment Page for secure transmission of credit card details to EDM Models.

EDM models use a secure internet service to transfer credit card details over the internet. This is provided by an e-commerce specialist and uses the highest levels of encryption for security.

Most of the EDM Models products have their own specific "Buy Now" buttons which send us details of your specific purchases. However there are occasions when a conversations results in us supplying something out of the ordinary and this page is provided to pass credit card details securely and to link them to that conversation.


Here's how it works: -

  1. you click the "buy now" button below

  2. this takes you to a payment page for a "Special Consignment" at a value of £10 plus P&P. Don't worry about the money it doesn't get charged until i process it and i will correct the amount to suit whatever we have been discussing [basically the payment system can't cope with me setting a zero value]

  3. In the "If you have any special requests" box put a note to link this to a conversation

  4. I then receive an insecure e-mail telling me the payment system has an order for me and i can fire up the secure data link and download it safely.

  5. This process debits no money from your account but transfers the card details to me securely and with much less risk than using ordinary e-mail.

Transfer Card Details
  Security Note: I have been using this secure payment system for three years now without any problem. The provider has thousands or accounts all running without problem.

However, if you are still wary you can phone the details to 01904 331973 [evenings UK time]

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