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Placing an order by Credit Card Online When you place an order online your card details are recorded and transmitted to us in a secure way. Once your order is picked and any adjustments made your card will be charged just prior to it shipping. See below for exceptions.

Your card is processed using online services provided by Barclaycard

Placing an order by phone using a Credit Card  
When you phone with an order your card details are processed using the online services provided by Barclaycard. Your card is charged as the order is picked and just before it ships.

 See below for exceptions

Cheques   Sorry, but we no longer accept payment by cheque.  With the withdrawal of the cheque guarantee scheme and restrictions on paying cheques in to our bank it is no longer viable for us to accept them for payment.

Paying by Bank Transfer   In exceptional circumstances we will accept payment by direct bank transfer. Clearly it would be folly to publish our bank details online so you will have to contact us to make any such arranegment.




Charging your Card  

For most orders we don't charge your card until we are ready to ship your order. However, there are some exceptions as detailed below


Exceptions to the pay at despatch norm are: -

  • Port Wynnstay Models

Orders for these items are charged at the time we pass your order on to Port Wynnstay who manufacture the items and send them directly to you. As you are ordering custom made items they are charged for at the time the order is commenced

  • Reservations

When taking an order for future production we reserve the right to take a deposit a the time the order is taken. This is clearly explained in the item descriptions where it applies.   There are T's & C's explaing this here


We take card security very seriously. Card payments are processed using a Barclaycard online terminal via the internet whether they are web or phone orders. Placing an order at a show using our mobile terminal uses the internet. Getting cash from a cash machine uses the internet.

The point I am trying to make is that however you pay it uses the internet so phoning an order because `you don't trust the internet' is actually ridiculous.  By using Barclaycard as my payment processor transactions use all the mighty card security they can muster and they take the risk.

With one or two special exceptions we don't store your card details. Any that are written down, such as taking a phone order, get transferred to the online ordering system and then go in the shredder

Written 07/07/16 Well, no matter what your thoughts on the referendum were one sure result is that imported toy trains are going to cost more. I am not talking about in/out, trade deals or any of that yet but the simple truth is that the exchange rate between the pound and the dollar has taken a dive to record lows  (same is true with most currencies) which means stuff bought in dollars costs more pounds.

1 month view

After a long period of relative stability with the rate bumbling along at 1.45 to 1.5 dollars to the pound its plummeted to a low of 1.28.

When it was pretty constant we could forcast the cost of imported US models with reasonable accuracy

What you see now though with the extract graph showing just the last week it has not only plummeted but is fluctuating widly making things not only cost more but making how much more unpredictable.

As a further illustration of the effect I did some sums comparing the cost of some in stock items and what they would be if imported now. At the time I did this the rate was around 1.32 so the new figures would be higher now.

  • Econami DCC decoder is £59 new stock would be £65
  • Banta Models building is £150 new stock would be £165
  • Blackstone K28 was to be £380 but will be something like £420
Clearly a policy is needed for future imports so I have created one which can be summarised as: -
  • Dont Panic
My initial thoughts were, `thats my business screwed' but this has mellowed into, for now, concentrating on the non import part of my business whilst the world tries to work out what is going on.
  • Wait and See
Hopefully, things will stabilise at some level or another making things more predicatable again. To allow that to happen I don't plan on placing any import orders until mid August after our summer break.
  • Get Used to it
If it hasn't sorted itself out by then it'll be a case of getting used to things costing more but it will mean lower stocks and fewer imports

  Of course its a funny old world and if America elects a bigger idiot then it'll make our shower of idiots look better and the rate may swing back in our favour.