NGtrains / EDM Models at your show?

 Would you like EDM Models to bring our trade stand to your show? We might be interested but its not always practical. When is all said and done we do this to make a living so unless there is a realistic prospect of us at least covering our costs its not going to happen.

We offer three options as a basis for how we could attend your show. Each will / can vary a little with circumstances for each show but this guide will give you an idea on what we might do for you. Our new favourite is option one as we would like to get out more and meet the people and I also get a bit of model making done.

Option 1   -   The trade demo / display

 The simple premise here is that we combine providing a demonstration as part of your exhibition with a sales display and sales of a selection of our range. The basic idea is that you get and additional exhibit/demonstration for your exhibition at no cost to the show and we get to promote and sell a small fraction of our range at no cost to us.

The demonstration element can be keyed to your needs. Weve done soldering and brass kit assembly, laser cut buildings or various messing about with DCC. The limited sales range is usually keyed to the demonstration.

A typical set up would be with me sat at a table doing the demo with another table behind me with the sales display on it. We did this at the 2011 York show and it was a great success all round.

The range available is strictly limited by available transport space with it limited to what will fit in my Mondeo Estate. Ideally, the show will be somewhere we can drive there and back in a day so there are no hotel costs. Were based in York as a result its unlikely wed come to a show in Brighton [unless you came up with a compelling reason why wed want a weekend at the seaside]

Option 2   -   The Small Trade Stand

This is our smallest pure trading option and is again limited to what we can fit in the Mondeo Estate. Typically wed be looking at an 8 foot frontage or a corner location. If you can provide the tables then we can bring more stock!Show


We havent done this version recently as the way the stock is currently stored makes just picking a selection to take to a smaller show is a pain but that is changing. Again, ideally your show would be within driving distance from York to avoid hotel costs [or be able to guarantee enough business to cover them)

Option 3   -   The Full Monty

This is the big one and the one we have taken to most of the shows weve done recently. Were talking 18 or 24 frontage, van rental and staff. This set-up features the full stock we carry but as you can see it also carries the highest costs so we need to be assured that we would take 3k at least to be able to cover them.


The result is that this set up is one wed only take to the established specialist narrow gauge shows.



Taking the above as a rough template if you can see a way we could attend your show then please dont hesitate to get in touch