Davenport Switcher.  The D&RGW version was released in 2008 and sold well with the 0n3 version sold out. Accucraft have now announced a re-run of the D&RGW engines in 2012 and the production of two new liveries at this time.


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Scale/Gauge On3/On30 Scale
Minimum Radius 6 in.
Construction Brass & Stainless Steel
Power 0~12V DC
Features DCC Ready, Working Headlight & Backup Light, NWSL Gear Box,
Interchangeable Coupler Height, Full Cab Interior
Length 132 mm (5 1/4 in.)
Width 60 mm (2 3/8 in.)
Height 69 mm (2 3/4 in.)
Weight 0.37 kg (13 oz)


This On3/On30 model is a replica of 3-foot gauge Davenport Locomotive Works Diesel-mechanical locomotive built for Sumpter Valley Railway in 1937 as their #101.  Davenport manufactured many different types of Diesel-mechanical and steam locomotives.  The #101 weighed 30 tons and was powered by a 200 horsepower Caterpillar D-1700 engine. 

In 1963, Sumpter Valley Railway sold #101 to Denver & Rio Grande Western where it was re-numbered #50 and was then used to switch cars in the yard at Durango, Colorado.  The #50 was then donated to the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden, Colorado and is now on display at this museum. 

The Davenport Locomotive Works locomotives were used by logging companies to switch cars at sawmills, by mining companies to haul ore cars between mines, stamp mills and smelters and in steel mills and other industries.  The D&RGW #50 will be perfect for switching cars on a Rio Grande layout, as well as a non-D&RGW layout for logging, mining or industrial layout or to haul rocks.


 Diesel Switcher - Sumpter Valley RR #101
AM55-030  Unlettered Red 0n3 n/a
AM55-034  Unlettered Red 0n30 n/a


 Diesel Switcher - D&RGW #50
AM55-031  D&RGW Moffat #0528 0n3 n/a
AM55-033  D&RGW Moffat #0528 0n30 n/a




 Diesel Switcher - Yellow Unlettered
AM55-032  D&RGW FG #0524 0n3 n/a
AM55-035  D&RGW FG #0524 0n30 n/a


We have now sold out of these and won't be restocking

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