To Follow the Box Cars and Tank Cars Accucraft are bringing out a Short Caboose to complement the range. Originally due for delivery in 2010 and thought to have been forgotten the Short Caboose is now due to arrive in May 2016.  Unlike the other cars these come as single items instead of in boxes of four.

The Short Caboose is priced at £TBC per car       *see below

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Scale/Gauge On3/On30   Scale
Minimum Radius 24" (On3), 18" (On30)
Construction Plastic construction, Brass Casting
Length 172 mm (6 3/4 in.) 
Width  51 mm (2 in.)
Height 99 mm (3 1/2 in.)
Weight 0.14 kg (5 oz)
Features  Plastic trucks, Metal wheels, Needle point axle with brass bearing, Detailed underbody, Working couplers, Brass brake wheel, Removable Body, Interchangeable coupler height, dummy marker Lights
News - 21/07/16
Delivery #2 A second order will be placed mid August. Unfortunately there has been a price rise due to the plummet in the exchange rate. £90 is an estimate, the price at the time of arrival will alter (up or down) to reflect the rate at that time

Our initial order sold out before it arrived.

Given the uncertainty in the exchange rate I wasn't sure I'd do a second order but have now decided to place one mid August

http://www.accucraftestore.com/products_pictures/AM33-010-1L.jpg Short Caboose Unlettered Caboose - Red
AM53-0103  Unlettered Red 0n3 1
AM53-010  Unlettered Red 0n30 2
 Short Caboose D&RGW, Moffat Logo #0528
AM53-0113  D&RGW Moffat #0528 0n3 1
AM53-011  D&RGW Moffat #0528 0n30 2
Short Caboose D&RGW, Flying Rio Grande #0524
AM53-0123  D&RGW FG #0524 0n3 Sold Out
AM53-012  D&RGW FG #0524 0n30 Sold Out
Short Caboose D&RGW, Flying Rio Grande #0501
AM53-0133   D&RGW FG #0501 0n3 Sold Out
AM53-013   D&RGW FG #0501 0n30 Sold Out
 Short Caboose D&RGW, Flying Rio Grande #0500
AM53-0143  D&RGW FG #0500 0n3 Sold Out
AM53-014  D&RGW FG #0500 0n30 Sold Out
Short Caboose RGS #0401
AM53-0153  RGS 0n3 1
AM53-015  RGS 0n30 2
Short Caboose D&RGW, Green #0579
AM53-0163 D&RGW Green 0n3 Sold Out
AM53-016 D&RGW Green 0n30 Sold Out

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