This page is a special offer page for NG Trains Newsletter subscribers. The prices shown below are for subscribers only and e-mail addresses in received orders will be checked agains the subscribers list - a match is required to get these prices. If there is no match the public price will be charged.


Offer Update 20th August 2011

The offer to newsletter subscribers has been far more succesful than I had anticipated.  The aim of the offer was to offer a special price to newsletter subscribers whilst addressing a little cash flow crises caused by the dellivery

  • Only the items listed below remain on offer

  • The offer will remain open a little while longer on these items only

  • Some version may be found to be available on the non offer flat car page here  Flat Cars

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Scale/Gauge On3/On30   Scale
Minimum Radius 24" (On3), 18" (On30)
Construction Plastic construction, Brass Casting
Length 211 mm (8 1/2 in.)
Width 53 mm (2 1/8 in.)
Height 32 mm (1 1/4 in.)
Weight 0.09 kg (3 oz)
Features Plastic trucks, Metal wheels, Needle point axle with brass bearing, Detailed underbody,
Working couplers, Brass brake wheel, Interchangeable coupler height

NEWSLETTER SPECIAL OFFER PRICE = 100 for a box of four


Southern Pacific 4 car set (#245, #251, #254, #259)
AM52-0353  Southern Pacific 0n3
AM52-035  Southern Pacific 0n30

Pacific Coast 4 car set  (#751, #753, #755, #758)
AM52-0363 Pacific Coast 0n3
AM52-036 Pacific Coast 0n30

Nevada CA&OR 4 car set (#337, #343, #349, #366)
AM52-0373 Nevada CA&OR 0n3
AM52-037 Nevada CA&OR 0n30

N.C.N.G. 4 car set (#401, #405, #417, #433)
AM52-0383 NCNG 0n3
AM52-038 NCNG 0n30

E.B.T. 4 car set(#50, #51, #52, #53)
AM52-0393 EBT 0n3
AM52-039 EBT 0n30


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